Usages of unicode symbols

Julia allows the use of unicode symbols to replace variable names and for function calls. Unicode operations are entered in this pattern \name[tab]. That is a slash, \, the name (e.g., alpha), and then a press of the tab key.

In these notes, the following may appear as variable or function names

\NameSymbolUsage notes
\eulerThe variable e
\DeltaΔChange, as in Δx
\PhiΦUsed for parameterized surfaces
r\vecr⃗Vector annotation
T\hatUnit vector annotation

The following are associated with derivatives

\NameSymbolUsage notes
\nabladel operator in CwJ package

The following are infix operators

\NameSymbolUsage notes
\cdotdot product
\times×cross product

Infix operators may need parentheses due to precedence rules. For example, to call a composition, one needs (f ∘ g)(x) so that composition happens before function evaluation (g(x)).