This package implements the linear tracing of simple optical systems based on the Ray transfer matrix analysis. The convention of the optical elements is identical to those on Wikipedia.

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This package is registered, so do

julia> ]add ABCDMatrixOptics.jl

Simple Example

A simple 4f re-imaging system with a magnification of 2 can be expressed as:

using ABCDMatrixOptics

# create needed optical elements
f1 = FreeSpace(200)
l1 = ThinLens(200.0)
f12 = FreeSpace(200 + 400)
l2 = ThinLens(400.0)
f2 = FreeSpace(400)

# simple, single ray
beam = GeometricBeam(w=10.0, k=0.1)

# create optical system
# it's built from left to right.
M = [f1, l1, f12, l2, f2]

# apply the system to the beam
# The matrices are evaluates as f2 * l2 * f12 * l1 * f1 * beam
# * is syntactic sugar for propagate
beam_p = M * beam
GeometricBeam{Float64}(-19.999999999999996, -0.05000000000000001, 1200.0)
# beam is magnified by 2 in size

# GaussianBeam
red_beam = GaussianBeam(w0=5e-3)
blue_beam = GaussianBeam(w0=5e-3, λ=405e-9)

using Plots

plot(M, red_beam)
plot!(M, blue_beam)