Building Documentation

ADRIA documentation is built using Documenter.jl.

Building documentation locally

As the documentation is build from a separate environment, it must be maintained/updated to incorporate any changes to ADRIA.

$ julia --project=docs
(docs) pkg> resolve
(docs) pkg> up

If no changes to the environment are necessary, simply run make.jl from the docs folder:

$ cd docs
$ julia --project=. make.jl

Locally generated documentation can be found under docs/build. Open the index.html file with any web browser.

Documentation deployment

Documentation is hosted on GitHub Pages via GitHub Actions.

Configuration is found here.

Documentation is automatically built and deployed:

  • When a PR targeting main is submitted In this case, a preview URL is created: e.g., a URL with previews/PR### at the end, where PR### refers to the PR ID.
  • On commit/merge to main In this case the main documentation website is updated