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AbstractCosmologicalEmulators.jl is the central Julia package within the the CosmologicalEmulators Github organization, which defines methods and structs used by the other packages hosted by the organization.

In this moment the emulators here used are based only on the SimpleChains.jl library, whose performance is excellent on the CPU for the kind of small neural networks (NN) that we employ. We plan to include other frameworks, such as Lux.jl, in order to support models running on the GPU. If you want include a new NN/GP framework, feel free to open a PR or get in touch with us.

Roadmap to v1.0.0

Step Status Comment
Interface with SimpleChains.jl :heavy_check_mark: Implemented
Support for vectorization :heavy_check_mark: Implemented
Interface with Lux.jl :heavy_check_mark: Implemented
AD Rules :heavy_check_mark: Implemented
Robust emulators initialization :heavy_check_mark: Implemented, needs some polishing
GPU support :construction: Work in progress
Stable API :construction: Work in progress


  • Marco Bonici, PostDoctoral Researcher at Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics
  • Marius Millea, Researcher at UC Davis and Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics