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A Julia wrapper for algoim, providing algorithms for implicitly defined geometry, level set methods, and Voronoi implicit interface methods

If you use this package, please cite algoim, according to the guidelines on the algoim Github page.

This code wraps algoim's

  • high-order quadrature algorithms for domains implicitly-defined by multivariate polynomials and
  • high-order accurate algorithms for computing closest points on implicitly-defined surfaces.

When using the quadrature algorithms, please cite:

R. I. Saye, High-order quadrature on multi-component domains implicitly defined by multivariate polynomials, Journal of Computational Physics, 448, 110720 (2022).

When using the closest-point algorithms, please cite:

R. I. Saye, High-order methods for computing distances to implicitly defined surfaces, Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, 9(1), 107-141 (2014).