AmazonCACerts_jll.jl (v2019.1.0+0)

This is an autogenerated package constructed using BinaryBuilder.jl. The originating build_tarballs.jl script can be found on Yggdrasil, the community build tree.

For more details about JLL packages and how to use them, see BinaryBuilder.jl documentation.


The tarballs for AmazonCACerts_jll.jl have been built from these sources:


AmazonCACerts_jll.jl is available for the following platforms:

  • AnyPlatform() (any)


The code bindings within this package are autogenerated from the following Products:

  • FileProduct: amazon_ca_root_certificate
  • FileProduct: combined_ca_root_certificates
  • FileProduct: rds_ca_root_certificate