CCTracker(phase1, phase2)

Descriptor for cross-corelation function for the phases phase1 and phase2.

NB: Cross-correlation function does not commute, i.e. CCTracker(phase1, phase2) and CCTracker(phase2, phase1) track different functions.

SimpleRollbackToken(value, index)

Create a simple rollback token which just holds an index and an old value at that index.

rollback!(tracker, token)

Bring the system to the state before update_corrfns! was called. token must be an object returned by update_corrfns!.

See also: update_corrfns!.

tracked_data(x :: AbstractArray)

Return an iterator over correlation function descriptors which are tracked by the tracker x.

update_corrfns!(tracker, value, index)

This function is equivalent to writing tracker[index] = value with exception that it also returns a rollback handle which can fastly bring the tracker to the previous state by calling rollback!.

See also: rollback!.