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"3D antenna pattern processing done easy."

A simple open-source solution to antenna 3D data processing. Why?

  • Processing data from measurements is a constant and never-ending struggle.
  • There are very few tools that allow you to do this easily.


import Pkg

Using the package

See the example_3D_plots for instructions and an explanation of using the package for 3D graphics. For 1D graphics, see example_1D_plots.

Road map


For the upcoming changes, see #9.


For the upcoming changes, see #10.

1D Graphics

For the upcoming changes, see #23.

The future work includes:

  • Parsing data from vector network analysers spectrum analysers (specifically ms464x Anritsu series);
  • Add support for PGFPlots. Based on university requests.
  • Add support for .tex exports.

Visual outputs

3D Results

PlotlyJS PyPlot
test test_pyplot

1D Results


Exporting data

Files example_3D_plots and example_1D_plots show how to export data to .png, .svg, .pdf and .html for all supported backends.