Error handling

To report on errors during model initialization and construction, status reports are printed into the console and a detailed report is written to the output directory. In the report are three different types of entries:

  • green: information on some automated modelling decision
  • yellow: some aspects of the model setup look suspicious
  • red: current model setup contains logical inconsistencies and will lead to an infeasible model

Entries of the third kind will throw an error and cause termination. If for example a wrong name is provided for the emission factor parameter in par_emissions.csv, the following reporting file results:



carrier mappingcarrier heat inherited resolution from children


carrier mappingcarrier gas inherited resolution from children


parameter read-indefinitionparameter with the name emissionFactor does not exist

Optional arguments of the model constructor can be set to values between 1 and 3 to adjust the frequency of reporting:

  • reportLvl: frequency of writing updates to the console
  • errWrtLvl: frequency of writing to the report file
  • errCheckLvl: frequency of checking for errors