Test everything

This test runs most of the other tests in this module. The defaults should be fine for most packages. If you have a package that needs to customize the test, you can do so by providing appropriate keyword arguments to Aqua.test_all() (see below)


Run the following tests:

The keyword argument $x (e.g., ambiguities) can be used to control whether or not to run test_$x (e.g., test_ambiguities). If test_$x supports keyword arguments, a NamedTuple can also be passed to $x to specify the keyword arguments for test_$x.

Keyword Arguments

  • ambiguities = true
  • unbound_args = true
  • undefined_exports = true
  • project_extras = true
  • stale_deps = true
  • deps_compat = true
  • piracies = true
  • persistent_tasks = true