Arblib.jl Documentation

This package is a wrapper around Arb - a C library for arbitrary-precision ball arithmetic. Since 2023 Arb is part of Flint. Other wrappers of Arb/Flint for Julia include Nemo and ArbNumerics.jl.

The goal of Arblib.jl is to supply a low lever wrapper of the methods in Arb as well as a high level interface. The low level wrapper should allow for writing methods using mutability and with performance very close to that of those written in C. The high level interface should make it easy to use in generic Julia code, similarly to how BigFloat is a wrapper around the MPFR library. In addition it should be possible to seamlessly switch between the high level interface and the low level wrapper when needed.

The above goals can be put into contrast with Nemo, whose high level interface is made for use in the AbstractAlgebra.jl universe and not general Julia code.