UPDATE (2023Q4)

  • Consolidating various plotting features for Caesar and PyCaesar, in preparation for adding to the Julia registry.


  • Any attic code being reinvigorated should build against GeometryBasics and drop rpevious usage of GeometryTypes.
  • Only basic Point Cloud plotting is currently supported, see plotPointCloud* functions.
  • All previous code has been moved to the subfolder attic.
  • This package will be reinvigorated based on the many improvements made to Makie.jl.


Collection of 3D visualizations associated with the Caesar.jl and RoME.jl robotic navigation packages.

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Please find documentation as part of the Caesar.jl documentation at:



All visualization utils and applications associated with the Caesar and RoME projects are collected here. This package offers a variety 3D visualization utilities for understanding the state estimation, localization, and mapping aspects associated with mobile platform navigation. This package was developed for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) using the Caesar.jl framework. Please see RoMEPlotting.jl for 2D visualization utils.

This package is built in the Julia or (JuliaPro) programming language. Comments and issues are welcome, and note that this package should see several changes and evolutions during 2019.


We are transitioning to MeshCat.jl, . This is registed with Julia METADATA but please use current master branch.

julia> ] # activate pkg manager
(v1.0) pkg> add Arena#master


Arena has the ability to request cloud server information for visualization but will never send or start receiving any information unless the user explicitly requests authentication from the GraffSDK.jl servers.


This package depends greatly on the work of others. Please see the Project file for those dependencies.