Importing settings

It may be useful in some cases to import an argument table into the one which is to be used, for example to create specialized versions of a common interface.

import_settings!(settings, other_settings [,args_only])

Imports other_settings into settings, where both are ArgParseSettings objects. If args_only is true (this is the default), only the argument table will be imported; otherwise, the default argument group will also be imported, and all general settings except prog, description, epilog, usage and version.

Sub-settings associated with commands will also be imported recursively; the args_only setting applies to those as well. If there are common commands, their sub-settings will be merged.

While importing, conflicts may arise: if settings.error_on_conflict is true, this will result in an error, otherwise conflicts will be resolved in favor of other_settings (see the Conflicts and overrides section for a detailed discussion of how conflicts are handled).

Argument groups will also be imported; if two groups in settings and other_settings match, they are merged (groups match either by name, or, if unnamed, by their description).

Note that the import will have effect immediately: any subsequent modification of other_settings will not have any effect on settings.

This function can be used at any time.