The following packages outside of the Base module have some form of support. In addition to creating awareness of existing functionality, the following provides users with a better idea of how exactly these packages are supported. This means features existing outside of those described here are not within the domain of intended coverage and users should seek support linked resources.


MappedArrays.jl allows "lazy" in-place elementwise transformations of arrays. Support is provided by overloading the mappedarray method, which AxisIndices does not export (i.e. users must using mappedArrays to get access to it). In order to avoid method ambiguities multi-mapping of mixed AbstractArray and AbstractAxisIndices cannot be provided. In other words, the current version can only support multi-mapping multiple AbstractAxisIndices.


Indexing via named dimensions is supported via the NamedDims.jl package. NamedAxisArray assists in constructing arrays that have both named dimensions and a subtype of AbstractAxis along each axis.


Metadata is supported through the Metadata.jl package.