BLIS Typed Backend

Typed-API backend of BLIS is also exposed via the BLIS.TypedBackend submodule. The following example demonstrates usage of BLIS's bli_dmkherm method:

using BLIS
# Import BLIS' enumerate types
using BLIS.Types

A = rand(4, 4)
# NOTE: of course for rsa and csa parameters
# one can directly pass strides(A) and expand.
BLIS.TypedBackend.bli_dmkherm!(BLIS_UPPER, 4, A, strides(A)...)
A # Check that A is projected to be Hermitian.

BLIS.TypedBackend: Level-1 Vector

BLIS.TypedBackend: Level-1 Diagonal

BLIS.TypedBackend: Level-1 Matrix

BLIS.TypedBackend: Level-1 Fused-vector

BLIS.TypedBackend: Level-2

BLIS.TypedBackend: Level-3

BLIS.TypedBackend: Utility-level