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BVHFiles.jl is a package for working with BioVisionHierarchy files, a file format which stores motion capture data in a hierarchical structure.

BVHFiles.jl uses graphs to represent and manipulate the data.


The package is registered and can be installed using the package manager. In the Julia REPL type ] to enter the package manager REPL mode and run

pkg> add BVHFiles


Here a BVH file generated by alaska/Dynamicus (green) is transformed in such a way, that the movement can be transfered to a file DAZ3D can handle (red).

Original new Icon new Transformed new Icon new Result new


  • Load BVH files
  • Calculate global positions
  • Removal of joints
  • Adding joints
  • Removal of frames
  • Adding frames
  • Loss functions
  • Optimizing offsets
  • Optimizing rotations using gradient descent
  • Changing rotation sequences
  • Scaling
  • Transfer movements to different hierarchies
  • Interpolation between frames
  • Save BVH files