This section will illustrate how to helper functions for visualizing the data. This is currently at the early stage, and further customization on the target countries will be added, at the moment it supports all countries affected by the Western-North Pacific cyclones. These are:

Country ISO3
Brunie BRN
China CHN
Japan JPN
Cambodia KHM
South Korea KOR
Laos LAO
Myanmar MMR
Malaysia MYS
Philippines PHL
North Korea PRK
Russia RUS
Thailand THA
Taiwand TWN
Vietnam VNM

The countries' ISO3 are used in all APIs of Bagyo.jl for representing the country.

First Plot

To start with the base plot–-a plot of the Western-North Pacific region and the countries surrounding it–-with emphasis on a particular country and its climate region of interest, is done as follows:

using Bagyo
f0, a0 = plot(PHL(), :stere);

The plot above gives emphasis on the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).

Adding Best Tracks

From the base plot, we can then add the Best Track using the lines! function.

using Bagyo
using Colors
using Makie

get(BestTrack, :jma) # download the JMA Best Track
meta, data = load(BestTrack, :jma);
f1, a1 = with_theme(theme_dark(), resolution=(850, 650)) do
	plot(PHL(), :stere);
lines!(a1, data, :jma, linewidth=1, color=RGBAf(1.0, 0.678431, 0.0, 0.15))
a1.title = "Tropical Cyclone Tracks in Western-North Pacific using JMA";
a1.titlesize = 25;
a1.titlealign = :left;
a1.xlabelpadding = -30;
a1.ylabelpadding = 15;