Documentation for BasicAutoloads.

register_autoloads(autoloads::Vector{Pair{Vector{String}, Expr}})
    [trigger1, trigger2, ...]   => expr1,
    [trigger10, trigger11, ...] => expr2,

Register expressions to be executed when a trigger is found in the REPL's input.

Eech trigger must be a String. If the trigger is found as a symbol (e.g. variable, function, or macro name) in an input expression to the REPL, the corresponding expr is evaluated. Each expr must be an Expr and is evaluated with Main.eval(expr). Each unique expr, up to equality, is evaluated at most once.

This function is meant to be called from ~/.julia/config/startup.jl (or wherever your startup.jl file happens to be stored), but will also work if called from the REPL.


if isinteractive()
    import BasicAutoloads
        ["@b", "@be"]            => :(using Chairmarks),
        ["@benchmark"]           => :(using BenchmarkTools),
        ["@test", "@testset", "@test_broken", "@test_deprecated", "@test_logs",
        "@test_nowarn", "@test_skip", "@test_throws", "@test_warn", "@inferred"] =>
                                    :(using Test),
        ["@about"]               => :(using About; macro about(x) Expr(:call, About.about, x) end),