Pieces of the package that might be useful ๐Ÿคท

BasicInterpolators.findcell โ€” Function
findcell(q, V, n)

Use bisection search to find the cell containing q, assuming V is a sorted vector of n coordinates. The returned integer is the index of the element in V immediately less than q. For example, if findcell returns 2, then q โˆˆ [V[2],V[3]). If q is less than every element in V, 1 is returned, indicating the first cell in V. If q is greater than every element in V, length(V)-1 is returned, indicating the last cell in V.

BasicInterpolators.cheby โ€” Function
cheby(coef, x, xa, xb)

Evaluates the Chebyshev expansion represented by the coefficients in coef and defined on the interval [xa,xb] at the point x.

BasicInterpolators.chebycoef โ€” Function

Compute the Chebyshev expansion coefficients for a set of points y, which are assumed to be located on the Chebyshev points for some interval.

BasicInterpolators.chebygrid โ€” Function

Create an array of n chebyshev nodes in [-1,1]

chebygrid(xa, xb, n)

Create an array of n chebyshev nodes in [xa,xb]

chebygrid(xa, xb, nx, ya, yb, ny)

Create a two-dimensional grid of chebyshev nodes using nx points along the first axis, in [xa,xb], and ny points along the second axis, in [ya,yb].

BasicInterpolators.chebyderiv โ€” Function
chebyderiv(coef, xa, xb)

Generates the expansion coefficents for the derivative of a preexisting Chebyshev expansion defined on the interval [xa,xb].


Construct a ChebyshevInterpolator representing the derivative of a preexisting interpolator.