Julia implementation of the R package beepR: A utility which can play audio notifications when, e.g., your code has finished running.


beep(sound = 1)


sound character string or number specifying what sound to be played by either specifying one of the built in sounds, specifying the path to a wav file, or specifying a valid URL refering to a wav file. The default is 1. Possible sounds are:

  1. "ping"
  2. "coin"
  3. "fanfare"
  4. "complete"
  5. "treasure"
  6. "ready"
  7. "shotgun"
  8. "mario"
  9. "wilhelm"
  10. "facebook"
  11. "sword"

If sound does not match any of the sounds above, or is not a valid path/URL, a random sound will be played.