Gherkin Experimental Parser

There is a new Gherkin parser, which has support for Rules, and will replace the current Gherkin parser. It is possible to use this new parser today, with an experimental flag.

Command line

If you are running Behavior from the command line, add a flag like this, to try this new parser

$ julia cmd/runspec.jl --experimental
$ julia cmd/suggeststeps.jl features/Some.feature features/steps --experimental
$ julia cmd/parseonly.jl features/ --experimental

Using ParseOptions

If you are running Behavior from the runtests.jl script, instead create a ParseOptions struct, like

parseoptions = ParseOptions(use_experimental=true)
runspec("path/to/project", parseoptions=parseoptions)


The new parser is on par with the current parser in Behavior.Gherkin, and has additional support for Rules. Aside from the flag describe above, the changes are entirely transparent to the user of Behavior.

The general idea is that the experimental parser will undergo a period of testing to ensure that no major problems are present, and then it will replace the current parser in a new release.

While the parser is mostly on par with the current one, there are still some missing parts, like support for steps But and *. With the new parser, they are fortunately trivial to add.