Run benchmarkpkg on target and baseline.

Keyword Arguments

  • target :: Union{Nothing, AbstractString, BenchmarkConfig} = nothing: Benchmark target configuration. Default to the checked out working tree. A git commitish can be passed as a string. PkgBenchmark.BenchmarkConfig can be used for more detailed control (see PkgBenchmark.jl manual).
  • baseline :: Union{AbstractString, BenchmarkConfig} = "origin/master": Benchmark baseline configuration. See target.
  • pkgdir :: AbstractString = pwd(): Package root directory.
  • script :: AbstractString = "$pkgdir/benchmark/benchmarks.jl": The script that defines the SUITE global variable/constant.
  • project :: AbstractString = dirname(script): The project used to define and run benchmarks.
  • postprocess, retune, verbose, logger_factory: Passed to PkgBenchmark.benchmarkpkg.
postjudge(; title = "Benchmark result")

Post judgement as a comment in the corresponding pull request.

pushresult(; url, branch, sshkey, title)

Push benchmark result to branch in url.

Keyword Arguments

  • url::Union{AbstractString,Nothing} = nothing: Repository URL.
  • branch::AbstractString = "benchmark-results": Branch where the results are pushed.
  • sshkey::Union{AbstractString,Nothing} = nothing: Documenter.jl-style SSH private key (base64-encoded private key). Default to ENV["SSH_KEY"].
  • title::AbstractString = "Benchmark result": The title to be used in benchmark report.