Installation requirements

Bessels requires Julia v1.6 or later but it is recommended to use the latest stable release. Bessels uses CI tools provided by GitHub Actions to run tests on Julia versions 1.6, current stable release, and nightly builds on Linux operating systems using ubuntu-latest. Though, Bessels is written entirely in Julia and therefore should work on any of the supported platforms such as MacOS and Windows.


Install Julia by downloading the latest version from the offical site and follow the platform specific installations.

You can add Bessels using Julia's package manager by typing ] add Bessels in the Julia prompt.

julia> ] # ']' should be pressed

(@v1.8) pkg> add Bessels

The package manager can also be used verify the installation by running the bundled tests, check the installed version, or update to the latest release.

julia> ]

# run tests
(@v1.8) pkg> test Bessels

# check version
(@v1.8) pkg> status Bessels
Status `~/.julia/environments/v1.8/Project.toml`
  [0e736298] Bessels v0.2.7

# update to latest release
(@v1.8) pkg> update Bessels


At this point you are ready to start using Bessels.jl!

julia> using Bessels

julia> besselj0(1.2)

julia> besselj(1.8, 10.1)