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Bibliography.jl is a Julia package for handling both import/export from various bibliographic formats.


This package comes as a set of 3 packages to convert bibliographies. This tool was split into three for the sake of the precompilation times.

  • Bibliography.jl: The interface to import/export bibliographic items.
  • BibInternal.jl: A julian internal format to translate from and into.
  • BibParser.jl: A container for different bibliographic format parsers (such as BibTeX).

Packages using Bibliographies

  • StaticWebPages.jl: a black-box generator for static websites oriented towards personal and/or academic pages. No knowledge of Julia nor any other programming language is required.

Contributions are welcome

  • Write new or integrate existing parsers to BibParser.jl (currently only a light BibTeX parser is available).
  • Add import/export from existing bibliographic formats to Bibliography.jl.
  • Add export for non-bibliographic formats (such as in StaticWebPages.jl).

Short documentation

# Import a BibTeX file to the internal bib structure
imported_bib = import_bibtex(source_path::AbstractString)

# Select a part of a bibliography
selection = ["key1", "key2"]
selected_bib = select(imported_bib, selection) # select the intersection between the bibliography and `selection`
diff_bib = select(imported_bib, selection; complementary = true) # select the difference between the bibliography and `selection`

# Export from internal to BibTeX format
export_bibtex(target_path::AbstractString, bibliography)

# Check BibTeX rules, entry validity, clean and sort a bibtex file
export_bibtex(target_path::AbstractString, import_bibtex(path_to_file::AbstractString))

# Export from internal to the Web Format of StaticWebPages.jl

# Export from BibTeX to the Web Format of StaticWebPages.jl