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This Julia package aims at performing automatic bifurcation analysis of possibly large dimensional equations F(u, λ)=0 where λ is real by taking advantage of iterative methods, dense / sparse formulation and specific hardwares (e.g. GPU).

It incorporates continuation algorithms (PALC, deflated continuation, ...) based on a Newton-Krylov method to correct the predictor step and a Matrix-Free/Dense/Sparse eigensolver is used to compute stability and bifurcation points.

The idea is to be able to seamlessly switch the continuation algorithm a bit like changing the time stepper (Euler, RK4,...) for ODEs.

BifurcationKit can also seek for periodic orbits of Cauchy problems. It is by now, one of the only software which provides shooting methods and methods based on finite differences / collocation to compute periodic orbits.

The current focus is on large scale nonlinear problems and multiple hardwares. Hence, the goal is to provide Matrix Free methods on GPU (see PDE example and Periodic orbit example) or on cluster to study non linear PDE, nonlocal problems, compute sub-manifolds...

Despite this focus, the package can easily handle low dimensional problems and specific optimizations are regularly added.

Support and citation

If you use BifurcationKit.jl in your work, we ask that you cite the following paper. Open source development as part of academic research strongly depends on this. Please also consider starring this repository if you like our work, this will help us to secure funding in the future. It is referenced on HAL-Inria as follows:

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This package requires Julia >= v1.3.0

To install it, please run

] add BifurcationKit

To install the bleeding edge version, please run

] add BifurcationKit#master


Most plugins are located in the organization bifurcationkit:

Overview of capabilities

The list of capabilities is available here.

Examples of bifurcation diagrams (ODEs and PDEs)

simple ODE example Codimension 2 (ODE)
Automatic Bif. Diagram in 1D Swift Hohenberg Automatic Bif. Diagram in 2D Bratu
Snaking in 2D Swift Hohenberg Periodic orbits in 1D Brusselator
Period doubling BVAM Model Periodic orbits in 2D Ginzburg-Landau
Deflated Continuation in Carrier problem 2D Swift Hohenberg on GPU