A minimalistic Static Site Generator in Julia Inspired by this post.

Demo can be found here

Markdown rendering is handled by Julia stdlib, docs here


The package is not yet registered in METADATA.jl and can be installed with Pkg.add, or in REPL by pressing ]:

pkg> add

Basic Usage

Make two folders, source and output, put all .md files in source then:

using BigG

render_posts("./source", "./output", "BigG.jl/src/post.hbs", "BigG.jl/src/head_injection.html")
render_index("./source", "./output", "BigG.jl/src/index.hbs")

"BigG.jl/src/post.hbs" is a provided template, you can change templates as you want, at the moment only {{{content}}} in posts are used. Index render uses {{#:posts}}{{/:posts}} for loop and in between are {{bname}} and {{title}} for link generation.

This will generate an index.html where each .md will be rendered into a html and linked in the index page.


  • Allow directory structure (year/month/date/title.html)
  • Generate RSS feed
  • Use a .yaml config files for website meta data (title, base domain, author, etc)