Constants used in Bigleaf



Constants Used in the Bigleaf.jl Package

Return a Dictionary Dict{Symbol, Real}. Default values can be overridden by the named arguments:

  • cp Specific heat of air for constant pressure (J K-1 kg-1)
  • Rgas Universal gas constant (J mol-1 K-1)
  • Rv Gas constant of water vapor (J kg-1 K-1) (Stull 1988 p.641)
  • Rd Gas constant of dry air (J kg-1 K-1) (Foken p. 245)
  • Md Molar mass of dry air (kg mol-1)
  • Mw Molar mass of water vapor (kg mol-1)
  • eps Ratio of the molecular weight of water vapor to dry air (=Mw/Md)
  • g Gravitational acceleration (m s-2)
  • solar_constant Solar constant (W m-2)
  • pressure0 Reference atmospheric pressure at sea level (Pa)
  • Tair0 Reference air temperature (K)
  • k von Karman constant
  • Cmol Molar mass of carbon (kg mol-1)
  • Omol Molar mass of oxygen (kg mol-1)
  • H2Omol Molar mass of water (kg mol-1)
  • sigma Stefan-Boltzmann constant (W m-2 K-4)
  • Pr Prandtl number
  • Sc_CO2 Schmidt number for CO2
  • Kelvin Conversion degree Celsius to Kelvin
  • DwDc Ratio of the molecular diffusivities for water vapor and CO2
  • days2seconds Seconds per day
  • kPa2Pa Conversion kilopascal (kPa) to pascal (Pa)
  • Pa2kPa Conversion pascal (Pa) to kilopascal (kPa)
  • umol2mol Conversion micromole (umol) to mole (mol)
  • mol2umol Conversion mole (mol) to micromole (umol)
  • kg2g Conversion kilogram (kg) to gram (g)
  • g2kg Conversion gram (g) to kilogram (kg)
  • kJ2J Conversion kilojoule (kJ) to joule (J)
  • J2kJ Conversion joule (J) to kilojoule (kJ)
  • se_median Conversion standard error (SE) of the mean to SE of the median
  • frac2percent Conversion between fraction and percent