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This package provides a scratchspace with wrappers for the binaries and scripts from JLL packages like lib4ti2_jll. The wrappers allow non-julia code (like in polymake_jll or Singular_jll) to execute those directly without having to adjust LIBPATH environment variables.


The wrapper generation should be triggered during precompilation with

    using BinaryWrappers
    const lib4ti2_binpath = @generate_wrappers(lib4ti2_jll)

and the corresponding path might be used in __init__() as follows:

    ENV["PATH"] = lib4ti2_binpath * ":" * ENV["PATH"]


  • Only Linux and macOS are supported.
  • This was primarily written to provide wrappers for lib4ti2_jll which comes with a bunch of shell scripts that need special care, but it might work for other JLL packages as well.