Bingomatic™ is an awesome Julia package that creates bingo cards, using state-of-the-art bingo technology.


To install Bingomatic, switch to packge mode by entering ] in the REPL and enter:

add Bingomatic

Alternatively, enter the following into the REPL:

using Pkg; Pkg.add("Bingomatic")

Standard Bingo Card

A standard size bingo card can be made with a few lines of code, as shown below.

using Bingomatic, Random
word_pool = map(_->randstring(4), 1:50)
words = sample_words(word_pool)
card = make_card(words)

Customized Bingo Card

The example below shows that bingo cards can be be customized. It is also possible to override default values in make_card with variable keyword arguments.

n_rows = 3
word_pool = map(_->randstring(4), 1:50)
words = sample_words(word_pool, n_rows, n_rows)
card = make_card(words; size=(300,300))

Christmas Movie Bingo

Bingomatic™ includes a bonus word pool for Christmas Movie Bingo, a $19.99 value, absolutely free! Variations of this coveted game include a tribute to the secret word from Pee Wee's Playhouse where players scream each time the word "Christmas" is said.

using Bingomatic, CSV, DataFrames, Random
pkg_path = dirname(pathof(Bingomatic))
path = joinpath(pkg_path,"../extras/word_pool.csv")
word_pool =, DataFrame; stringtype=String)
words = sample_words(word_pool.words) 
card = make_card(words; word_size=11, size=(630,630))