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BioExplorer.jl is a powerful Julia package designed for biodiversity analysis and exploration. This comprehensive toolkit offers a wide range of functions and tools to facilitate the study of biodiversity patterns, species richness, abundance, and ecological metrics. Whether you are a researcher, conservationist, or data enthusiast, BioExplorer.jl empowers you to delve into the intricacies of biodiversity data, enabling deeper insights and informed decision-making for the preservation and understanding of our natural world.


  • Calculate species richness and diversity indices.
  • Analyze species abundance distributions.
  • Explore community composition and beta diversity.
  • Estimate species taxonomic richness and sampling coverage.
  • Perform taxonomic and functionnal diversity assessments.


To install BioExplorer.jl, you'll need Julia v1.9 or higher. Open the Julia REPL and run:

using Pkg

Quick start

For more detailed examples and usage instructions, please refer to the documentation.


We welcome contributions from the community to improve and expand BioExplorer.jl. If you encounter any issues, have feature requests, or want to contribute, please check out our contribution guidelines and code of conduct.


BioExplorer.jl is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


For questions, feedback, or collaborations, please reach out to Sébastien Lhoumeau.