biplot(table; kind=:form, dim=2, [aesthetics...])

Biplot of table of given kind in dim-dimensional space.

There are four kinds of biplots:

  • :form - standard biplot with shape parameter α = 1
  • :cov - standard biplot with shape parameter α = 0
  • :rform - relative variation biplot with α = 1
  • :rcov - relative variation biplot with α = 0

Biplot attributes

  • kind - kind of biplot (:form, :cov, :rform or :rcov)
  • dim - number of dimensions dim ∈ {2,3} (default to 2)

Aesthetics attributes

  • axescolormap - colormap of principal axes (default to theme colormap)
  • dotcolormap - colormap of sample dots (default to theme colormap)
  • fontsize - font size in axes and dots (default to 12)
  • axesbody - size of principal axes' body (depends on dim)
  • axeshead - size of principal axes' head (depends on dim)
  • axescolor - color of principal axes (default to :black)
  • axeslabel - names of principal axes (default to x1,x2,...)
  • dotsize - size of sample dots (depends on dim)
  • dotcolor - color of sample dots (default to :black)
  • dotlabel - names of sample dots (default to 1:nobs)
  • showdots - show names of dots (default to true)
  • showlinks - show links between principal axes (default tofalse)



factors(table; kind=:form, dim=2)

Return F, G/k and σ² where F and G are the factors (i.e. matrices with rank dim) of the design matrix Z obtained with a given kind of transformation.

The scalar κ scales the column vectors for plotting purposes and the variance explained σ² is also returned.