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This package provides a julia wrapper to the Blossom V software package which provides an implementation of a minimum cost perfect matching algorithm.

Blossom V is available under

The algorithm is described in

Blossom V: A new implementation of a minimum cost perfect matching algorithm.
Vladimir Kolmogorov.
In Mathematical Programming Computation (MPC), July 2009, 1(1):43-67.

The Wrapper provided in this package is very simplistic, a nicer interface will be provided in future versions. There are several things you can do that will cause it to segfault -- often causing julia to segfault.


You can install the package with the usual ]add BlossomV.

A common thing that goes wrong is not having current enough version of C++ and its stdlibs. Currently the minimum requirements are a compiler supporting the C++11 standard (e.g. gcc-4.6 on ubuntu 12.04, or newer, should be recent enough).


This wrapper library is provided under the terms given in the license.

Be aware that the code of the actual BlossomV library itself underlies a different license. It is up to you to check, whether or not that license is acceptable for your usage.