Blue Noise for Julia

The BlueNoise package provides several pregenerated sources of noise. It can be used as follows:

using BlueNoise
x = 123
y = 456
println(blue_noise_2d1v(x, y))

Coordinates are integers and will automatically be wrapped to be in the domain of the data. The algorithm used ensures that the noise can be tiled in this way. The raw data can also be accessed like this:

using BlueNoise
using Plots
heatmap(BlueNoise.PREGENERATED_2D4V[:, :, 1])

Multiple values can be retrieved for a single coordinate, which is useful in cases where multiple parameters need to be seeded:

using BlueNoise
(Δx, Δy) = blue_noise_2d2v(x, y)

The BlueNoiseGeneration package was used to generate the files included in the BlueNoise package.