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The BoundedStreams package describe a defined area in a source stream, which is defined by an offset in the source stream and a length.

The BoundedStream objects may be understood as views to a section of their source streams.

All feasible access to stream (interface IO) is supported.


The public API of BoundedStreams includes the structure:

  • BoundedInputStream <: IO — defines an bounded input stream in its initial state
  • BoundedOutputStream <: IO — defines an bounded output stream in its initial state

and corresponding construcors. All access is via the IO functions (read/write, skip, seek, mark, reset, isreadable, iswritable, eof, close, position, bytesavailable). They may be wrapped in other wrapping streams as well. Some functions may be restricted due to backing the source stream.

BoundedInputStream(source::IO, nbytes::Integer; offset=0, close=nbytes)
BoundedOutputStream(source::IO, nbytes::Integer; offset=0, close=nbytes)

Provide the IO interface for reading/writing the source stream source. Restrict the number of bytes to to nbytes.

The optional integer argument offset shifts the starting point off the current position of the source stream.

The optional argument close determines the position of the source stream after this stream is closed. The special value BoundedStreams.CLOSE closes the source stream in this case.


]add BoundedStreams

Usage Example

using BoundedStreams

    sourceio = open("filename.tar")
    io = BoundedInputStream(sourceio, 1000, offset=512)
    x = read(read(io, 10))
    skip(io, 100)
    y = read(io)