The graphics, input, and GUI packages for B+. Refer to the main repo for documentation.

The modules contained here are:

  • GL
  • Input
  • GUI
  • ModernGL fork (see below for explanation)

If you only want this package, without the rest of B+, you can add BplusApp to your project and then do using BplusApp; @using_bplus_app to import all modules.

ModernGL fork

This project keeps a fork of ModernGL, called ModernGLbp, which adds ARB extensions and some UX improvements.

It is technically kept as a copy rather than a git submodule, because I don't know if Yggdrasil (Julia's package build system) can handle git submodules. However, ModernGLbp is also maintained as a true fork here on Github, and if you're working on BplusApp you can quite easily treat this in-repo copy like a git submodule, with the following steps:

  1. Clone the ModernGL fork somewhere else.
  2. Copy .git/ from that cloned repo, into this repo at BplusApp/src/ModernGL_fork/

This project's .gitignore file is configured to ignore the inner .git/ folder. The forked code will belong to both repos, BplusApp and ModernGL. cd into BplusApp/src/ModernGL_fork/ to work within ModernGL, and move outside there to work within BplusApp.