Documentation for BraketAHS.


Evolve the MPS ψ according to the Trotterized circuit circuit. max_bond_dim controls the maximum bond dimension of the MPS, and cutoff controls the SVD truncation at each evolution step. At each step, the per-atom <Sz> observable is computed and stored. If compute_truncation_error is true, the error due to truncation is computed at each step. The default is false.


Computing the truncation error at every step is very computationally expensive.

Returns the <Sz> value on each atom at each time step, and the truncation error at each time step (0. at all times if compute_truncation_error is false), and ψ after evolution.

get_trotterized_circuit_2d(sites, τ, n_steps, N, Vij::Matrix{Float64})

Second order Trotterization circuit for a time-dependent Hamiltonian, for a time step τ and n_steps total time steps, on N total atoms. sites defines the site indices in the MPS used to build the circuit. Returns a Vector{Vector{iTensor}} list of gates at each time step.

parse_ahs_program(parsed_args) -> (Vij, protocol, N)

Parse the AHS program stored in JSON format at program_path and prepare experimental results directory at experiment_path. Returns prepared experiment protocol protocol as a NamedTuple with keys (:time_steps, :rabi_driving, :global_detuning, :local_detuning, :pattern). Vij is the generated inter-atomic potential, and N is the total number of atoms.