Welcome to the Bruno Contributing Guide

Thank you for taking time to learn how to contribute to this project. Since Bruno is a financial package the sky is the limit for what Bruno can do and we are looking for community members to help us grow. In this guide you will get an overview of the contribution workflow from opening an issue, creating a PR, reviewing, and merging the PR.


Create a New Issue

If you spot a problem with the docs, search if an issue already exists. If a related issue doesn't exist, you can open a new issue using a relevant issue form.

Solve an Issue

Scan through our existing issues to find one that interests you.

Pull Request:

When you're finished with the changes, create a pull request, also known as a PR.

  • Fill the "ready for review" template so that we can review your PR. This template helps reviewers understand your changes as well as the purpose of your pull request.
  • Don't forget to link PR to issue if you are solving one.
  • Enable the checkbox to allow maintainer edits so the branch can be updated for a merge.

Once you submit your PR, a team member will review your proposal. We may ask questions or request additional information. We may ask for changes to be made before a PR can be merged, either using suggested changes or pull request comments.