Read the C3D file at fn.

Keyword arguments

  • paramsonly::Bool = false: Only reads the header and parameters
  • validateparams::Bool = true: Validates parameters against C3D requirements
  • missingpoints::Bool = true: Sets invalid points to missing
writetrc(filename, f; <keyword arguments>)

Write the C3DFile f to a .trc format at filename.

Keyword arguments

  • delim::Char='\t': The text delimiter to use
  • strip_prefixes::Bool=true: Strip marker label prefixes if they exist
  • subject::String="": The subject (among multiple subjects) in the C3DFile to write
  • prefixes::Vector{String}=[subject]: Marker label prefixes to strip if strip_prefixes == true
  • remove_unlabeled_markers::Bool=true: Remove markers with empty labels, labels matching r"(\*\d+|M\d\d\d)"
  • lab_orientation::Matrix=Matrix(I, (3,3)): Rotation to apply to markers before writing
  • precision::Int=6: Number of decimal places to print
  • virtual_markers::Dict{String,Matrix}: (Optional) Virtual markers (calculated with markers from f) to write to the .trc file