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CIAOAlgorithms implements Block-Coordinate and Incremental Aggregated Optimization Algorithms for minimizations of the form

minimize    1/N sum_{i=1}^N f_i(x) + g(x)


minimize    1/N sum_{i=1}^N f_i(x_i) + g(sum_{i=1}^N x_i)

where f_i are smooth, and g is (possibly) nonsmooth with easy to compute proximal mapping. These functions can be defined using the ProximalOperators.jl package.

Quick guide

You can add CIAOAlgorithms by pressing ] to enter the package manager, then

pkg> add CIAOAlgorithms

Simple Lasso and logisitc regression test examples can be found here.

Implemented Algorithms

Algorithm Function Reference
Finito/MISO/DIAG Finito [1], [4], [8], [9]
ProShI Proshi [9]
SAGA SAGA [3], [6]
SVRG/SVRG++ SVRG [2], [4], [5]


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