cim-optimizer Coherent Ising Machine wrapper for JuMP



julia> import Pkg; Pkg.add(url="")

julia> using CIMOptimizer

Getting started

using JuMP
using CIMOptimizer
const CIM = CIMOptimizer

model = Model(CIM.Optimizer)

n = 3
Q = [ -1  2  2
       2 -1  2
       2  2 -1 ]

@variable(model, x[1:n], Bin)
@objective(model, Min, x' * Q * x)


for i = 1:result_count(model)
    xi = value.(x; result = i)
    yi = objective_value(model; result = i)

    println("[$i] f($(xi)) = $(yi)")

Note: The cim-optimizer wrapper for Julia is not officially supported by Cornell University's McMahon Lab. If you are interested in official support for Julia from McMachon Lab, let them know!

Note: If you are using CoherentIsingMachine.jl in your project, we recommend you to include the .CondaPkg entry in your .gitignore file. The PythonCall module will place a lot of files in this folder when building its Python environment.