Documentation for CRRao.


CRRao is a package that implements statistical models. The implementation of statistical models becomes straightforward for most Julia users with the help of this package. This is going to be a wrapper package; leveraging the strength of wonderful Julia packages that already exist, such as StatsBase.jl, StatsModels.jl, Distributions.jl, GLM.jl, Turing.jl, Dataframes.jl, LinearAlgebra.jl etc.

CRRao is a consistent framework through which callers interact with a large suite of models. For the end-user, it reduces the cost and complexity of estimating/training statistical models. It offers convenient guidelines through which development of additional statistical models can take place in the future.

We follow a framework which makes contribution to this package easy.


You can read more about Prof C.R. Rao here.


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