find_binary(name; locations=String[])

Similar to find_library, performs an exhaustive search for a binary in various subdirectories of locations, and finally PATH by using Sys.which.


Look for the CUDA device library supporting targets in any of the CUDA toolkit directories toolkit_dirs. On CUDA >= 9.0, a single library unified library is discovered and returned as a string. On older toolkits, individual libraries for each of the targets are returned as a vector of strings.

find_library(name, versions; locations=String[])

Wrapper for Libdl.find_library, performing a more exhaustive search:

  • variants of the library name (including version numbers, platform-specific tags, etc);
  • various subdirectories of the locations list, and finally system library directories.

Returns the full path to the library.


Look for directories where (parts of) the CUDA toolkit might be installed. This returns a (possibly empty) list of paths that can be used as an argument to other discovery functions.

The behavior of this function can be overridden by defining the CUDA_PATH, CUDA_HOME or CUDA_ROOT environment variables, which should point to the root of the CUDA toolkit.