CUDA_Runtime_jll.jl (v0.14.1+0)


This is an autogenerated package constructed using BinaryBuilder.jl.

The originating build_tarballs.jl script can be found on Yggdrasil, the community build tree.

Bug Reports

If you have any issue, please report it to the Yggdrasil bug tracker.


For more details about JLL packages and how to use them, see BinaryBuilder.jl documentation.


The tarballs for CUDA_Runtime_jll.jl have been built from these sources:


CUDA_Runtime_jll.jl is available for the following platforms:

  • Windows x86_64 {cuda=12.5} (x86_64-w64-mingw32-cuda+12.5)


The following JLL packages are required by CUDA_Runtime_jll.jl:


The code bindings within this package are autogenerated from the following Products:

  • LibraryProduct: libcublas
  • LibraryProduct: libcublasLt
  • FileProduct: libcudadevrt
  • LibraryProduct: libcudart
  • LibraryProduct: libcufft
  • LibraryProduct: libcupti
  • LibraryProduct: libcurand
  • LibraryProduct: libcusolver
  • LibraryProduct: libcusolverMg
  • LibraryProduct: libcusparse
  • FileProduct: libdevice
  • LibraryProduct: libnvJitLink
  • LibraryProduct: libnvperf_host
  • LibraryProduct: libnvperf_target
  • LibraryProduct: libnvrtc
  • LibraryProduct: libnvrtc_builtins
  • ExecutableProduct: nvdisasm
  • ExecutableProduct: nvlink
  • ExecutableProduct: ptxas