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This downloads and reads data files from CVRPLIB. This package is inspired by and built upon TSPLIB.jl


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For example, to download the X-n242-k48 instance:

cvrp, vrp_file, sol_file = readCVRPLIB("X-n242-k48")

It returns three values. vrp_file is the path for the downloaded .vrp file and sol_file is the path for the .sol file. cvrp is the main data of the following struct:

mutable struct CVRP
        name            :: String
        dimension       :: Int
        weight_type     :: String
        weights         :: Matrix{Int}
        capacity        :: Int 
        distance        :: Float64
        service_time    :: Float64
        coordinates     :: Matrix{Float64}    
        demand          :: Vector{Int}
        depot           :: Int
        dummy           :: Int
        customers       :: Vector{Int}


  • weights, capacity, and demand are integer valued.
  • distance is the distance limit for each route. If no duration constraint, it is set to Inf.
  • service_time is the time for service at each customer node. It is set to 0.0, when the service time is not presented.
  • dimension is the number of nodes in the data, including the depot.
  • The index depot is usually 1.