A Julia port of the ABCanalysis R package.

From the documentation of the R package:

For a given data set, the package provides a novel method of computing precise limits to acquire subsets which are easily interpreted. Closely related to the Lorenz curve, the ABC curve visualizes the data by graphically representing the cumulative distribution function. Based on an ABC analysis the algorithm calculates, with the help of the ABC curve, the optimal limits by exploiting the mathematical properties pertaining to distribution of analyzed items. The data containing positive values is divided into three disjoint subsets A, B and C, with subset A comprising very profitable values, i.e. largest data values ("the important few"), subset B comprising values where the yield equals to the effort required to obtain it, and the subset C comprising of non-profitable values, i.e., the smallest data sets ("the trivial many").


CalculatedABC.jl is registered in the official registry of general Julia packages.

To install the development version from a Julia REPL type ] to enter Pkg REPL mode and run

pkg> add


CalculatedABC.jl is licensed under the Apache License v2.0. For the full license text see LICENSE.


This package is based on the paper Computed ABC Analysis for Rational Selection of Most Informative Variables in Multivariate Data by Ultsch A, Lötsch J (2015).