Documentation for CasCommonChemistry.

cas(query; api_url = "", fetch=10, skip = 0, pagesize = 100)

Query the CAS Common Chemistry API with query string.
Returns DataFrame of matching records

From the API description:
* Allows searching by CAS RN (with or without dashes), SMILES (canonical or isomeric), InChI (with or without the "InChI=" prefix), InChIKey, and name
* Searching by name allows use of a trailing wildcard (e.g., car*)
* All searches are case-insensitive

A wild-card query can return a lot of entries taking a long time to fetch. So by default, only the first 10 are fetched. The total number is reported.
Use fetch = :all to unconditionally get all.

query : query string. Will be uri encoded
fetch N: maximal number of recoreds to fetch. An integer of :all.
skip N : Skip first N records
pagesize: Default page-size in CAS API is 100. A lower value can e set. Mostly for debugging
cas_search(query; api_url = "", size=10, offset=0)

Query the CAS Common Chemistry API with query string.
Returns Dict with 2 keys:

* "count": the number of matching records
* "results": vector of Dics describing the first `size` results

keyword arguments

size: number of results to return. The API limits this to 100
offset: number of records to skip. This is used to get records past the first 100