Basic Operation of Scopes

See Basic Operation of Writers since the operation of Writer and that of Scope is very similar.

Full API

mutable struct Scope{A, PA, PK, PLT, var"4004", var"4005", var"4006", Symbol, var"4007", var"4014", Int, var"4015", var"4016", var"4017", var"4018"} <: AbstractSink

Constructs a Scope with input bus input. buflen is the length of the internal buffer of Scope. plugin is the additional data processing tool. args,kwargs are passed into plots(args...; kwargs...)). See ( for more information.

!!! warning When initialized, the plot of Scope is closed. See open(sink::Scope) and close(sink::Scope).


  • action::Any

    Action of the component to update data

  • pltargs::Any

    Plottings arguments

  • pltkwargs::Any

    Plottings keyword arguments

  • plt::Any

    Plot object of the component

  • trigger::Any

  • handshake::Any

  • callbacks::Any

  • name::Any

  • id::Any

  • input::Any

  • buflen::Any

  • plugin::Any

  • timebuf::Any

  • databuf::Any

  • sinkcallback::Any

update!(s, x, yi)

Updates the series of the plot windows of s with x and yi.


Closes the plot window of the plot of sink.


Opens the plot window for the plots of sink.