This package is meant to be a complete Open source reference for everything regarding Cellular Automata. In it you will find wayd to create one and two dimensional Cellular Automata models and functions to analyze them

General usage

The main function is given by CellularAutomaton

CellularAutomaton(rule::AbstractODRule, initial_conditions, generations)
CellularAutomaton(rule::AbstractTDRule, initial_conditions, generations)

Given a cellular automata rule (inluded in the library or provided by the user) returns a CellularAutomaton evolution with given initial conditions and number of generations. OD indicates one-diomensional cellular automata rules, TD indicates two-dimensiona cellular automata rules.

where rule is a function returning the next state of the Cellular Automata.


Contributions are more than welcomed! The package is in the early days, so expet things to change a lot. For everything do contact me or open an issue about it.