On Patrol

Here we combine ideas from the HelloWorld.jl and LetsGetMoving.jl examples to simulate T-Cells patrolling through a dense layer of epithelial cells.

Start by loading in the CellularPotts.jl package and creating a space where cells can exist.

using CellularPotts
space = CellSpace(200,200; diagonal=true)
200×200 Periodic 8-Neighbor CellSpace{Int64,2}

Initialize a new CellState with 75 epithelial cells and 5 T-Cells

initialCellState = CellState(
    [:Epithelial, :TCell],
    [250, 200],
    [160, 10]);

Note that for the MigrationPenalty we set the epithelial cell's scaling factor to zero. This effectively removes this penalty from the cell type.

penalties = [
    AdhesionPenalty([30 30 30;
                    30 20 30
                    30 30 40]),
    VolumePenalty([30, 30]),
    PerimeterPenalty([0, 5]),
    MigrationPenalty(75, [0, 100], size(space))
4-element Vector{Penalty}:

Create a new CellPotts model.

cpm = CellPotts(space, initialCellState, penalties)
Cell Potts Model:
Grid: 200×200
Cell Counts: [Epithelial → 160] [TCell → 10] [Total → 170]
Model Penalties: Adhesion Volume Perimeter Migration
Temperature: 20.0
Steps: 0

Finally, lets run the model for a few steps to let the initial cell positions to equalibrate.

for i=1:50

Record the simulation

recordCPM("OnPatrol.gif", cpm;
    property = :nodeTypes, frameskip=10, c=:RdBu_3)

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