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ChaoticDynamicalSystemLibrary.jl is a collection of chaotic dynamical systems for the Julia SciML ecosystem.

The package is a partial port of the dysts Python package developed by William Gilpin. It implements many (but not all) of the same systems, but does not provide any functionality to simulate them. In contrast to dysts, the main focus of this package is not to be a benchmark for general time-series ML models, but only to provide a collection of ODEs. Their simulation is left to other packages, such as DifferentialEquations.jl.

William Gilpin deserves most of the credit for this package. He is the original author of the dysts, and without dysts this package would not exist.


import Pkg


using ChaoticDynamicalSystemLibrary, DifferentialEquations, Plots

prob = ChaoticDynamicalSystemLibrary.Lorenz()
sol = solve(prob, Tsit5(), tspan=(0, 100))
plot(sol, idxs=(1, 2, 3))

Lorenz Simulation

For a full list of the available systems, see the documentation.